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You Will Embody New Myths


Authentic emotional, spiritual and

physical expression in a container

that is held steady through prayer,

magic and kindness.



A time to be still and feel.

A time to rage and cry-out.

A time to play and wiggle.

A time to pray and be seen.


Shared trauma release. Shared alchemy.



Shape-Shift Dance Journeys are...

Free form movement overlaid with storytelling that invites you to try on the archetypes you feel pulled towards.


Your life story danced by you, where you get to choose which characters you wish to weave with deeper and which you want to disentangle from.


Sexy, in a self-love kind of way.

Tender. Forgiving. 

The Dance is...

Image by Norbert Buduczki

Together we co-create
the story of the

Dance with me.

Please contact me to learn more about my workshops
to discuss how I might weave into your event.

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